Department Head, Assistant Professor

Hirotaka Onishi MD, MHPE, PhD

Graduated from Nara Medical University in 1992, then trained as a general internist in Tenri General Hospital (1992-97). While working as a staff physician and a graduate student in Saga Medical School, I completed Master of Health Professions education program in University of Illinois at Chicago in 2002. Then moved to International Medical University, a Malaysian medical school and worked there for two years. Finally moved to University of Tokyo in 2005.

Currently an assistant professor at the Department of International Cooperation for Medical Education, International Research Center for Medical Education, Graduate school of Medicine, the University of Tokyo. My interests are clinical reasoning, learner assessment especially psychometric analysis, curriculum development and evaluation, international cooperation for developing countries, etc. As a clinician I am working as a family physician in Tokyo and have strong interest in community-based integrated care, training for communication skill and interprofessional education in Japan.

Visiting Project Researcher     Taiyo Suganuma             Su

Project Specialist     Yuko Sakashita             Su

Graduate School Students

PhD3, SIH Keiko Takeuchi
PhD1, SIH Tatsuki Abe
PhD1, SIH Niaya Harper Igarashi
M2, SIH Hashini Imasha Fernando
M2, SIH Changle Li
M2, SIH Naomi Paul
M2, SIH Yanpping Liang
M1, SIH Wu Han
M1, SIH Gulmetova Komola