Department Head, Assistant Professor

Hirotaka Onishi MD, MHPE, PhD

Graduated from Nara Medical University in 1992, then trained as a general internist in Tenri General Hospital (1992-97). While working as a staff physician and a graduate student in Saga Medical School, I completed Master of Health Professions education program in University of Illinois at Chicago in 2002. Then moved to International Medical University, a Malaysian medical school and worked there for two years. Finally moved to University of Tokyo in 2005.

Currently an assistant professor at the Department of International Cooperation for Medical Education, International Research Center for Medical Education, Graduate school of Medicine, the University of Tokyo. My interests are clinical reasoning, learner assessment especially psychometric analysis, curriculum development and evaluation, international cooperation for developing countries, etc. As a clinician I am working as a family physician in Tokyo and have strong interest in community-based integrated care, training for communication skill and interprofessional education in Japan.

Project Assistant Professor

Kazuhiro Abe MD, PhD

I graduated from Kitasato University in 2010. After graduation, I trained at the Teine Keijinkai Hospital and Teine Family Medicine Clinic in Hokkaido, where I obtained a medical specialty in family medicine. I completed my doctoral program in the Department of Public Health at the Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, in 2019. From 2020 to 2023, I worked as a Takemi Fellow at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. In 2024, I joined this department as a project assistant professor.

As a general practitioner (family doctor), I am regularly involved in outpatient care and home medical care. In my research, I use real-world data from Japan to evaluate the performance of primary health care and long-term care services. For instance, I describe and analyze the hospitalization rates for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions, which can potentially be prevented by appropriate outpatient care in Japan. Additionally, I have demonstrated the usefulness of combining home medical care by physicians and nurses and home care services by care workers to realize the wish of care-dependent older adults to spend their final days at home. In collaborative research, I am engaged in studies related to the sustainability of the healthcare and long-term care system, focusing on health and long-term care costs, patient co-payments, and low-value medical care. I am committed to continuing research that contributes to the development of healthcare and long-term care systems that enhance the health and satisfaction of residents.


Visiting Project Researchers     

Taiyo Suganuma Pharmacist PhD

Research Interests:Health Professions Education

Akemi Ando MD, PhD, GP, Company Doctor

Research Interests:Workplace well-being in foreign-affiliated companies in Japan, Employment support for foreing workers in Japan, Healthcare Worker’s Well-Being, Occupational health activities by primary care physicians.


Protecting the primary care physicians' well-being
Kiyoshi Shikino MD, PhD, MHPE, FACP, Akemi Ando MD, PhD, Yutaro Okamoto MD, Asako Miyazawa MD, PhD, Taku Harada MD, PhD
First published: 30 October 2023
Protecting the primary care physicians' well‐being - Shikino - 2023 - Journal of General and Family Medicine - Wiley Online Library

Project Specialist 

Yuko Sakashita


Doctoral Students

(D3) Keiko Takeuchi 

Research Title: Development of the Work-Based Assessment (WBA) for Occupational Therapy (OT) Clinical Reasoning by Case Presentations at Clinical Training

(D2) Tasuki Abe

Research Title: The state of International Medical Graduates in Japan

(D3) Niaya Harper Igarashi

Research Area/Titles: 1. Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Japanese physicians relating to climate change impacts on health, delivery of climate-specific advice, and advocacy for climate change policies

2. Development and evaluation of a cultural sensitivity training program among primary care physicians in Japan

(D2) Yuki Izumi

Research Title: Development and Effectiveness of Interprofessional Education Program to promote the use of Off-loading Devices for Foot Ulcers

(D2) Ruosu Liu

Research Interests: Health insurance-related education

(D1)Doria-Anderson Nicholas Martin

Research Title: Expanding Psychological Well-Being to Myanmar Migrants Living in Thailand

(D1) Xiaoyao Zhu

Research Interests: Self-directed Learning Readiness and Metacognitive Awareness among Asian Medical Students: The Transition From Teacher-centered Education to Student-centered Education

(D1) Wu Han

Research Title: Exploring the Relationship between Professional Identity Formation, Empathy, and Impostor Syndrome among Medical Students

Master Students

(M2) Yunjia Tian

Research Interests: Relationship between learning experience in workplace and professional development for nursing home nurses

(M1) Yin Yuwan

Research interests:  insurance and medical education

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