Lecture on Interprofessional Care for the Elderly at the Udayana University, on June 24. 2019

Assistant Professor Dr. Onishi lectured on “Interprofessional care for the elderly” for faculty development at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia. Although the proportion of elderly people in Indonesia is only 6% (in Japan, it is 28%!), that percentage in Bali island is the 4th highest in this country. Therefore, they showed an interest in this topic.

Dr. Onishi has also held a Value-Based Practice (VBP)* workshop. This uses simulated interprofessional conferences, so all the materials were translated into English. Most participants said the workshop was challenging to act due to their lack of several professionals in the university, such as occupational therapists or social workers. He reflected that “I should have done more information gathering beforehand. Anyway, both thought that collaboration between us will be important to expand the diversity of the aged care.”

We will continue to keep our relationship with Udayana University in different activities.

*Values-based practice (VBP) is a clinical methodology aimed at promoting ideal decision making by focusing on values. 

JICA Projects

IRCME supported improving medical schools through two projects of the Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) from 2005 to 2012.  

Cooperation Projects:

  1. Improvement of Faculty of Medicine at Islamic University of Indonesia
  2. Improvement of the University of Indonesia

Background: Indonesia is composed of thousands of islands, and there is a considerable disparity in the quality of healthcare and the number of workers in the healthcare field. The Island of Java, where the capital city, Jakarta, is located, has a lower child mortality rate and longer life expectancy. Half of the medical doctors in Indonesia work in Java islands, and 40% reside near Jakarta. To overcome these problems and educate medical practitioners in the local region, IRCME supported establishing faculties of Medicine at the Islamic University of Indonesia and the University of Indonesia in cooperation with JICA.

Objective: To supply local medical doctors and nurses by improving the Faculty of Medicine at the Islamic University of Indonesia from a hardware and software point of view.

Terms: April 2005 – May 2012 (86 Months)

Our Activities: 

i. Baseline Survey : Prof. Kiyoshi Kitamura and Dr. Shunsaku Mizushima (then Assistant Professor)  participated in the Baseline survey of JBIC in Indonesia in February 2005 to investigate the possibility of financing the project by JBIC. 

ii. Support Studying Abroad Program: Dr. Hirotaka Onishi, Assistant Professor, visited Indonesia to discuss with the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and have interviews with the candidates for the study abroad program.

iii. Technical Training in Medical Education: Twenty faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine, Islamic University of Indonesia, participated in the technical training for two weeks in August 2010.

ⅳ. University Management Workshop: Twenty faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine, Islamic University of Indonesia, participated in the technical training from the 4th to the 8th of July 2011 in Japan and the 11th to 15th of July in Malaysia.

Objective: The project aims at enhancing the educational and research capacity of the “Health Faculties” of UI, which consist of medical, dentistry, nursing, and public health faculties, and enhancing the quality of health human resources in regional universities through developing a University Hospital and Health Faculties of UI and strengthening their collaboration with regional universities to contribute to improving quality of medical service in Indonesia including rural area.

Terms: February 2008 – June 2016 (101 Months)

Project Component: 

  • Construction of School Building, Procurement of equipment and Furniture
  • Consulting Service: Supporting the opening of the University Hospital, making the guideline of University Hospital, fostering coordination with local hospitals, and strengthening the connection with Japanese universities.

Our Activities: 

Prof. Kiyoshi Kitamura and Dr. Hirotaka Onishi, Assistant Professor, participated in the survey of the project as experts in medical human resource policy-making and in medical research from August to December 2007. They analyzed the current health care and medical education situation in Indonesia, discussed with the stakeholders, and proposed a possible supporting menu by IRCME.