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Hello everyone, this is Abe (M2 student).

There are many things in life that we put aside and procrastinate, saying “I’ll do it someday”.

As for me, since the beginning of M1, I have been thinking that I would like to write an article to briefly introduce what we do in the weekly meetings.

Next thing I know, it is now nearing the end of my master’s programme, but here I am, finally convinced myself to write this down. Good job, me!

At ICME, we have a meeting every Wednesday for about an hour, at a convenient time for everyone(The language used is English).

To briefly summarize what we do in that hour,

  • Greetings and status report

(What did we do for the past week? daily events such as “I went mountain climbing”, “I’m planning to go thrift-shopping”, or “I went bungee jumping” (which isn’t quite an everyday event), and the daily struggles of choosing a career. We really don’t restrict what we talk about. Of course, we will also report on the progress of our research.

  • Presentation

We also listen to a member’s presentation on a rotating basis every week. We usually present whatever we wish, but on the 17th, Professor Onishi made a presentation on Item Analysis.

  • Planning for next week’s meeting

We plan a suitable time for meeting, and decide on who would present the next meeting.

That was the gist of what we do every week. The atmosphere is more like


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