2024 Planetary Health Summit

Doctoral Student, Niaya Harper Igarshi attended the 2024 Planetary Health Summit and 6th Annual Meeting held in Malaysia in April 2024. The following is her report.

‘I attended the Planetary Health Annual Meeting (PHAM) in Malaysia, co-hosted with the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health at Sunway University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I participated in an experiential learning excursion to a botanic garden at the University of Malaya, where we could learn about the biodiversity and number of plant species endemic to the region and can be used for many purposes such as for medical treatments. I attend sessions on Indigenous and local perspectives, how to have conversations about planetary health with patients, and the mental health impacts of the climate crisis. Finally, I was able to meet with and connect with other researchers, health professionals, and local activists in the Asia-Pacific region. ‘