Medical Education Special Lecture

Professor Yoon Soo Park, Illene B. Harris, Endowed Professor and Department Head of the Department of Medical Education, University of Illinois College of Medicine, visited the ICME on 24th October and lectured about recent initiatives in the United States. Professor Park was a Visiting Professor at our Center from September 2017 to February 2018.

Lecture title: ”Innovations in Medical Education Outcomes Through Learner Analytics and Data Science using National Data” Watch his lecture

“Recent initiatives in the United States – in particular, there is a large momentum of use national education data to study outcomes. The ACBME, AMA, and the AAMC have gathered 10 years of national education data, and we are leading initiatives to incorporate data science and AI techniques to enhance learning and also to link with health outcomes. It’s an incredibly exciting time in US medical education research, which is unprecedented.”